In Manus Tuas (SATB a cappella)

$20.00 Package of 10 vocal scores
SATB with divisi and soprano solo

In the Liturgy of the Hours, the daily cycle of prayer that marks the passing of time in the Catholic Church, the night service of Compline (said before retiring to sleep) addresses the common human fear of the night and the dangers and uncertainty it brings.  At Compline, we pray to be safely carried through the dark hours to the morning; at Lauds, morning prayer, we rejoice with thankfulness for our deliverance.
The fear of the dark expressed in the Compline service also carries allegorical meanings: the challenges, fears and doubts in our waking lives, the terror and uncertainly in the long sleep of death.
In Manus Tuas is a setting of the Compline responsory whereby we entrust our care during the coming hours of darkness—and after all in death—to God’s redeeming compassion.  The prayer requires a profound, deeply rooted faith, even as doubts, uncertainties and fears linger in the shadows.  Like a mantra, the opening lines of the prayer are repeated at the end as though we are trying again and again to convince ourselves.

Listen to a live performance of In Manus Tuas by the Choir of Trinity Wall Street, directed by Michael Zaugg. The piece begins at 40:00. Another live performance by the Capital Chamber Choir is featured in the video at the bottom of this page.

Text from the Compline Responsory (Psalm 31:5):

In manus tuas, Domine,
Commendo spiritum meum.
Redemisti me, Domini,
Deus veritatis.

(Into thy hands, O Lord,
I commend my spirit.
Thou hast redeemed me,
O Lord, thou God of truth.)

Shipping: $1.50 per package of 10.

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Price: $20.00