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Annunciation (S,SSS,SSAATTBB a cappella)

$25.00 Package of 10 choral scores. This haunting piece contrasts the awesome power of the angel's voice against the lonely terror of a solitary Mary.  Mary is represented by a solo soprano who sings a wordless vowel from a room adjacent to the main performance space.  The voice of the angel is represented by a soprano trio and SSAATTBB choir that engulfes the audience in a powerful polyphonic surround sound.  This piece pairs well with Magnificat, which uses the same harmonic More Info »
Price: $25.00

Deux Chansons de la Belle Cordiere (SATB a cappella)

Package of 10 choral scores. SATB a cappella or ATBB a cappella Text: Louise Labé "Ô doux regards" & "Baise m'encor" This set of romantic partsongs makes a great contribution to any secular program.  Composed in the tradition of the madrigal, the settings make extensive use of word painting and other devices common to the genre.  With an advanced tonal language inspired by the French tradition, these pieces will challenge your singers to achieve excellent intonation and balance while offering More Info »

Drop, Drop Slow Tears (SATB a cappella)

$22.50 Package of 10 choral scores SATB a cappella This setting of the famous poem by Phineas Fletcher is suitable for Lent and Passiontide.  One could also justify its performance at Christmas if you are an adventurous risk-taker like me!  The work features a recurring refrain (sung to oo) between stanzas that creates a mood similar to pieces like The Coventry Carol or Walock's Balulalow.  Despite the generally cloudy mood, there is spot in the middle where the heavens open More Info »

In Manus Tuas (SATB a cappella)

$20.00 Package of 10 vocal scores SATB with divisi and soprano solo In the Liturgy of the Hours, the daily cycle of prayer that marks the passing of time in the Catholic Church, the night service of Compline (said before retiring to sleep) addresses the common human fear of the night and the dangers and uncertainty it brings.  At Compline, we pray to be safely carried through the dark hours to the morning; at Lauds, morning prayer, we rejoice with More Info »
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My Heart Was Cloven (SATB a cappella)

$25.00 Package of 10 vocal scores with organ reduction SATB a cappella (with optional organ) Setting text from the Odes of Solomon, a collection of poems discovered in the Nag Hamadi library, My Heart Was Cloven is an excellent concert work for SATB choir.  With extensive melismas, this work is especially suitable for choirs that specialize in light and flexible Baroque music. Text: Odes of Solomon 11 Hy heart was cloven and its flower appeared, And grace sprang up in More Info »
Price: $25.00

Sacramentum (SSATB a cappella)

$22.50 Package of 10 vocal scores SSATB a cappella Sacramentum is a setting of "Locus Iste", the gradual for the Feast of Dedication.  This short anthem is suitable for a church's paternal festival or general use. The musical vocabulary uses an artificial scale derived from the harmonic series.  Each vocal part sings notes from a certain portion of the scale.  Though the harmonic language is challenging, the local melodic movement of each part is restricted to only a few notes. More Info »
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The Delight of Paradise (SATB a cappella)

SATB a cappella Text: Odes of Solomon 11 The Delight of Paradise is a seven-movement sacred cantata setting text from the Odes of Solomon. This choral tour-de-force is a powerful feature work for an a cappella concert. The seven varied movements provide a vast array of choral textures that will delight and challenge your singers. Audiences are sure to love it; Amanda Gauthier of the Ottawa citizen wrote: "Contemporary choral compositions have impressed me, amused me, annoyed me, and bored More Info »

The Trees on the Edge (SATB a cappella)

$25.00 Package of 10 choral scores. SATB a cappella Text by Marilyn Lerch, "New Orleans Obliquely." Commissioned by Janet Siltanen and premiered by the Ottawa Bach Choir, The Trees on the Edge is a setting of "New Orleans Obliquely," a tender poem by Canadian poet Marilyn Lerch.  Through observations of trees that grow horizontally from the vertical cliffs along the ocean's coast, Marilyn reflects on challenges of life amid constant struggle.  Janet read in the poem a reflection on life More Info »
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