Annunciation (S,SSS,SSAATTBB a cappella)

$25.00 Package of 10 choral scores.

This haunting piece contrasts the awesome power of the angel’s voice against the lonely terror of a solitary Mary.  Mary is represented by a solo soprano who sings a wordless vowel from a room adjacent to the main performance space.  The voice of the angel is represented by a soprano trio and SSAATTBB choir that engulfes the audience in a powerful polyphonic surround sound.  This piece pairs well with Magnificat, which uses the same harmonic vocabulary.

Text: Luke 1:28
“Ave Maria gratia plena,

Dominus tecum;

Benedictatu in mulieribus.”
(Hail, Mary, full of grace.  
The Lord is with you.  
Blessed are you among women.)

Shipping: $2.00 per package of 10.

Hear a live performance of Annunciation on our Soundcloud!

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Price: $25.00