Congratulations to the Capital Chamber Choir!
14.07. 2015

“Contemporary choral compositions have impressed me, amused me, annoyed me, and bored me. What they’ve rarely done is move me almost to tears, as did a major new work by the young Ottawa composer Nicholas Piper Monday night.” —Natasha Gauthier (The Ottawa Citizen, July 13, 2015) Congratulations to the Capital Chamber Choir on an excellent premiere last evening of my new work The Delight of Paradise in the Music and Beyond Festival. This new piece is my largest choral composition

Upcoming Performances
15.02. 2014

I am very pleased to bring to your attention two upcoming performances of my work: The Canadian Centennial Choir will perform a newly commissioned work, Nisi Pontus et Aer, on May 3. This piece is composed for choir, string quartet, percussion and piano. It is a setting of a passage from Ovid’s Tristia in which the poet describes vividly a storm he encounters on his way into exile. Whether intended by the ancient writer or not, I hear a bit

New website on the way
18.09. 2013

Welcome to the new website for Musica Trans Aeva. I am Nicholas Piper, a Canadian composer and Editor of Musica Trans Aeva. While I continue to build the site, please peruse the online catalogue where you can see examples of my scores and hear some live performances. While Musica Trans Aeva serves as the house publisher for my own music, we also strive to publish other music we know to be excellent. We welcome submissions from composers in Canada and